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Why is it so hard to understand student loans?!? No one seems to know what’s going on with their student loans. That included me. I had no idea what payment plans were available under the law; what were the best options for consolidating or looking at a forbearance/deferment; what the heck compounding interest meant to my balance; etc. etc. And worse yet, the people at Sallie Mae didn’t seem to be any help at figuring it out!
Student loan law and procedures are complicated, and, they get changed all the time. It’s like trying to figure out the tax code! That’s why no one seems to be able to help. If attorneys don’t even understand their own student loans, how can they possibly help someone else?! I got sick of not understanding student loans & did something about it.

Did you know that there is almost no reason to use up deferment & forbearance time anymore? Yet that’s always what the student loan people push for (maybe there’s a reason…). With income based repayments, you are better off for many reasons to still be in repayment.

Did you know that there are some bad types of consolidations that make it so you are never eligible for certain payment plans again in the future? Think the Sallie Mae will tell you that? Make the wrong decision and you may regret it a lot in the future.

Did you know that, if you are in default and trying to get back out of it, the student loan people have a financial incentive NOT to offer you a payment you can afford!? And, it’s possible if they tell you they can’t offer a lower get-out-of-default payment they may be breaking the law!!

There are a million things I didn’t know or understand about student loans before. Now I do & I can help you. No matter whether you arenu2019t sure whatu2019s going on with your loans, know you are in trouble, or just want to see options, I can help. Iu2019ve helped people who are retired and unemployed, attorneys (for example, in one case, their payment went from $800/mo to $500/mo u2013 40% less!!), and everyone in between.
Student Loans
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