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No one wants to file for Bankruptcy Protection, but it is such an important “safety net” that it was part of the US Constitution & can be traced back to even the Old Testament. Bankruptcy is a financial tool to help people whose creditors have pushed them into a corner by refusing to work with them reasonably in solving their financial difficulties.
Lose the collection harassment. Lose the financial despair. Lose the “Debt Stress”
I’m an experienced local Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney & Debt Counselor with a risk free consultation so you can find out what your best options are. Even if you don’t end up hiring us, at least you can get your questions answered with reliable information and finally feel like you have some control over things again.
How Much Should A Bankruptcy Cost?
For starters, it makes zero difference what someone’s cousin’s aunt’s mother says her neighbor paid for their bankruptcy. Every case is different, and as such, costs can range depending on how complicated a case is. We have a risk free consultation to figure out everything with you beforehand.
Credit Counseling/Debt Settlement/Credit Repair
If you are facing garnishment, lawsuits, foreclosure, multiple creditor collections, reduced employment or unemployment, or not being able to afford even the necessary expenses to live I can help! Credit counseling & debt settlement are unlikely to work for almost anyone with more than 3-4 credit cards as all their debt, and most of the settlement companies are scammers. There is no such thing as “magic” credit repair, itu2019s a scam too. Debt collectors will lie to you just to scare you into paying. Get answers and help you can actually trust.
Bankruptcy Risk Free Consultation
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