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Lose the Debt Stress. Ryan Scott Wright is an experienced local Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney & Debt Counselor that has been practicing law for over ten years. With a risk free consultation, you can find out what your best options are. Get your questions answered with reliable information and finally feel like you are in control again.

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No one wants to file for Bankruptcy Protection, but it is such an important “safety net” that it was part of the US Constitution & can be traced back to even the Old Testament. Bankruptcy is a financial tool to help people whose creditors have pushed them into a corner by refusing to work with them reasonably in solving their financial difficulties.
Ryan Scott Wright Student Loans

Student Loans

Student loan law and procedures are complicated, and, they get changed all the time. It’s like trying to figure out the tax code! If you arenu2019t sure whatu2019s going on with your loans, if you know you are in trouble, or just want to see options, I can help. Get answers to all of your student loan questions, including payment plans, consolidation, and forbearance/deferment.

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“My husband and I were filing bankruptcy for the first time. Mr Wright was able to evaluate all our assets vs our expenses while putting us at ease. He helped us with counseling and discussed all our options in detail. He called, emailed and/or texted us every step of the way. We truly appreciate his knowledge and especially his compassion during a difficult time in our lives.”